Jordyn Belli is a fine art nude photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. 

“My work is vulnerable. It's all the pure, open honesty of what it means to be human. I've started to explore the ties between body scape and landscape, and I tend to focus on queer & trans identities & relationships in my photos. I believe nudity is not inherently sexual. Even with the few sexual themes I do have in my work, I like to focus on touch that is intimate but not erotic, and curate my work towards being emotional, immaculate, and reverent.

I find it interesting that many people I've never met will show themselves so outright to me during shoots, whether it be physically, or emotionally. It's usually both.
I feel like people inherently trust me before we even meet, which is vital to the fruition of these intimate shots."

For a long time I thought I loved the actual act of taking a photo. The aesthetic creation was what drove me to continue. I just love beautiful, pleasing things as I'm 100% a visual person. But after shooting people in a more vulnerable state, I've started to really prioritize the human connection that takes place. I can't be sure what exactly compels me to approach certain people. I think it has a lot to do with who I think can translate the vision I have in my mind into something physical.”